Day School for Dogs

Day School for Dogs Program

Enrichment, training and play time… all in one! Our unique Day School for Dogs program is everything your pup could want to keep them mentally and physically engaged- all in one package!

With all the socialization benefits of doggy day care, and the structure of a group class, our small group Day School program allows your dog to work hard (and play hard!) while you’re at work. Day School students learn valuable skills during class time and blow off steam with their classmates at recess! Your pup won’t get lost in the mix at our School for Dogs- we limit enrollment to a maximum of six dogs per 3 hour session! All you have to do is drop them off and pick them up, and don’t forget their homework!

Day School Sessions

Day School for Dogs

Day School sessions are 3-hours.

Drop off and pick up your pup at our schoolhouse, or schedule concierge transit via Merry Puppins.

School is focused on meeting your dog’s needs, to send home a well-mannered, tired pup!
While this program is an amazing social and training supplement, it is not meant to replace at-home practice and we highly encourage enrollment in group classes to help develop you and your dog’s bond and training relationship.

Our Day School groups are composed of dogs we think will flourish together. With different play styles and other factors to consider, we select dogs that will thrive in a group.

Outdoor walks with our trainers and their assistants allow us to enforce potty training and loose leash skills while allowing for sniffing, decompression and physical exercise.

Allowing for some down time between play and training sessions will keep your dog from getting overwhelmed and over excited, while allowing us to teach them how to develop that “off switch.”

Day School for Dogs is supervised by a Certified Trainer, and an assistant. Class is limited to 6 dogs or fewer per session. During Day School we conduct group training practice, 1:1 training exercises, enrichment activities, walks and outdoor potty breaks. Your pup will participate in social studies, art class, home economics (baking dog treats), gym class, and more! You’ll receive a daily report card of their activities, including photos and notes about their schoolwork!

Day School Intake Form

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We are excited to talk about your needs and learn about your pets! A phone call is the best way to get the intake process started. Once we talk, we can help set up an online account, and schedule you for a Meet and Greet so we can meet in person!